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Our Expertise

IZE Innovation Group provides numerous specialties. Due to the nature of our team having a multitude of talents, we can provide start-ups or established companies with expert consultative services in the following areas.

We help your company strategize on your future growth plans. By being from the outside, we are not burdened by group-think or the uncertainty of our employment situation with the company. We can and will speak honestly with you about your plans and provide unbiased guidance on clear directions. Read more


We have partners all the habitable continents around the world. We have people who have indepth knowledge of the culture, the market and the skills of any local region. If your plans ever include going global or seeking innovation from around the world, you can find no one better than the members of the IZE Innovation Group. Read more


One of our core services is protecting the identity of mature companies wanting to look for innovation outside their walls. Business competition makes it difficult for established companies to seek outside help in innovation, while corporate calcification makes it hard to institute in-house innovation. IZE is your buffer to try out your ideas safely and with very modest funding required. Read more


Surround your company with a defensive matrix. Institute programs that allow your company to move more nimbly. Gain awareness of the competitive landscape. Diversify your innovative holdings to prepare for uncertainty. Read more


Sometimes, your main innovative needs are just to improve operations. We don't try to shoehorn un-needed innovative ideas into strategic plans. Instead, we look over your complete business model and determine where you can most benefit with an IZE make-over. If that area is in operations, we can help optimize operations by plugging in workable solutions we have in our portfolio. Read more


None of these services mean a thing if at the end of the day, you don't get improved net income. We can show you why our processes and solutions will generate increased net income, and why, among all possible options, that these solutions will generate the most. Come, let us show you. Read more


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