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At IZE Innovation Group, we help companies make long term innovation strategic plays without incurring the burdensome costs of managing an innovation R&D department. By seeking from outside the company (and sometimes, outside the country), we find innovation from around the world that will best fit a company's long-term strategic plans.
If your company has any interest in innovation, come speak with an IZE member to see what we can do for you.
Established companies must have a strategic vision for innovation. It does no one any good to just randomly try out new ideas and see what works. Innovation can be applied to various parts of a company: innovate to create a more seamless operation, innovate new product lines, innovate in marketing communications, in legal services, in personnel management. All these areas are ways for companies to reduce costs and increase revenue. Our consultants will help guide you through your strategy and then search around the world for start-ups that can fulfill that strategic plan.
This strategic thinking applies to cities and municipalities as well. As city populations grow or shrink, the city must adapt to provide needed services while staying under budget. Innovation helps update old procedures reduce costs and improve service response. Depending on the municipality's strategic plan, the decisions on what kind of innovation to accept becomes clearer. Then, the IZE team will scour the world to find innovators who are doing just that.
Case study: A financial industry firm is now considering several finTech-based startups that IZE has found to implement as part of their retail banking services. These were startups that this firm have never seen nor ideas ever considered. As the traditional financial industry is being pushed towards irrelevance, this firm is preparing to move to a new millennium, ready with products that resonate with the next generation of consumers.
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