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In business, competition is relentless. Most pernicious are the disruptors at the startup level. They make things that couldn't possibly hurt your business model. They make mistakes and offer mea culpas to customers, maybe free trials. Eventually, what they provide is what the customers want and those customers no longer turn to you for their needs and wants. How are you ever going to recognize those disruptive innovations? Ten or fifteen years ago and before, innovative startups were few and far between. Now, every city in every country has caught the startup fever and are actively building an army of startups disrupting every industry sector, from legal services to artificial seafood products.


IZE helps you preempt the effects of disruption by being in the trenches, seeing the growth trends of startups at their stem cell level. We report on both the usual and unusual activities. With that knowledge and our expert consultants, you can prepare for battle by disrupting the disruptors. You can stop them before they grow big, or you can monitor them and then ally with them instead. You can slow them down with legislative and other legal means, or instead invest in them to make them your next big innovation.


Case study: Sorry, we definitely cannot highlight trends that our clients are looking at.

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