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Companies first seek to increase revenue, and IZE helps by offering innovative startups with novel products or services. But companies can also improve the bottom line by reducing expenses. There are numerous startups working on fine tuning various operational areas within a company. There are opportunities to optimize these areas such as Legal, HR, IT, Finance, Marketing by constantly seeking out new technologies and new processes to reduce effort and cost. After all, we doubt any company still use IBM Selectric typewriters or hand-enter payments by hand in ledgers anymore. Services are out there to help companies make optimal use of their workforce and resources. Let IZE introduce you to them.


Case study: IZE Innovation Group have identified numerous startups working in the HR space. These startups can help reduce turnover, moderate compensation creep, shorten onboarding time, and improve employee satisfaction, thereby saving a company millions of dollars annually. Come see our suite of startups offering these services.

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