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The bottom line for companies is to generate revenue. Part of innovation is identifying alternative, and possibly more lucrative, markets to sell in. Because IZE members are global, we can see opportunity that your marketing department may be too afraid to even broach. Let us help you identify non-traditional consumers who may pay a better price for your products.


We at IZE can do this because we're not your marketing department. We are not saddled with hours of deep knowledge of a fixed market, and can't imagine alternative opportunities. Let startups make the mistakes of trying other market segments and report back which ones worked and which didn't. Your brands and products are protected from the dreadful, but necessary, failures.


Don't let your ideas go to waste. But don't try them out yourself and be "Zune"-ed.


Case study: an apparel company has products with a special safety feature. The traditional market is saturated with competitors. We looked at a non-traditional market, theater production, and are now working setting up sales agreements with hundreds of production companies across the United States.

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