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Our Team

Ivaylo Vasilev, PhD, MBA

Sofia, Bulgaria


I have consulted with companies such as Coca-Cola and Lufthansa, and with the Bulgarian Government. Currently, I am a co-founder of a start-up and have helped many others in their start-ups.


As a very experienced project manager, I can help tune start-ups to perform better within an established company's environment. Acquisitions perform under expectations due to a clash of management and culture styles. I can help mitigate those differences.


I speak Bulgarian, Russian and English, all natively.

Steve Aitken, MBA


Toronto, Canada


I have been involved with technology throughout my career. I am passionate about the development of sensors and integrating them into smart devices to make our lives better. I enjoy the opportunity to help your company make the most of all the innovative start-ups we work with. By leveraging technology and honing in on the right business model to target the right customers, I can help your company continue to innovate and grow.

Eric Dew, PhD, MBA


San Francisco, United States


I have been involved with start-ups for the past four years. I specifically attended MBA to learn how to work with start-ups more effectively. Now that I have, I want to share that skill with all start-ups.


Many start-ups fail due to the lack of a market for their product or services. I work with start-ups by finding companies that could use their innovation, as long as the start-up is flexible enough to make some changes to adapt to the customers' needs. I enjoying finding diamonds in the rough and help polish them for more productive use.

Andy Ponomarev, MBA

Moscow, Russia


With IZE, I specialize in crafting the best possible M&A deal. Actually, I can assist at all stages of funding, including Series A, Mezzanine, Private Equity, and final exit, as I have completed transactions with a total value of over $1.4 Billion.


My goal is to help both sides come out with the best deal possible.


I speak Russian and English.

Elena Nosova, MBA


Moscow, Russia


I’m a professional with diverse financial experience gained through working in leading consulting companies in Russia and Europe, such as Ernst & Young, Horizon CF and PwC. I hold an MBA degree from one of the most international business schools in the world. Recently, I worked with corporations and startups in Silicon Valley to develop a strategy design that created tangible value. I would like to help young companies grow globally and succeed by providing insight through financial analysis and defining a right economic potential.

I am fluent in English and Russian.


Giuseppe Peluso, MBA


Pisa, Italy


My professional background is in operations within the energy sector. Energy is a huge innovation industry, with many companies seeking the golden solution that combines earth-friendly green technology, competitive pricing, and ease of adoption. I have contacts with many start-ups in Europe and elsewhere that are working to achieve these goals. My passion is in identifying the right start-up in the energy sector to help make positive transformative outcomes for all of us.


I speak fluent Italian and English.

Silvia Guille Suro, MBA
Mexico City, Mexico


Prior to my MBA, I was awarded as the best sales manager in Latin America for Supermax. I want to continue my strength in sales to help start-ups locate and build their customer base. Areas I am interested in are:

 • Economic Empowerment, especially for women

 • Education

 • Environmental issues, especially sustainable


 • Innovative programs for companies


I am fluent in English and Spanish

Jet Son Tan, MBA


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I have extensive experience in business process development, an essential need for any up and coming start-up. Furthermore, I have co-founded several start-ups of my own, so I have a personal, direct experience in knowing how to go from one step to the next. Expect me to help guide your start-up to a successful exit.

I am fluent in English and Malay, with professional proficiency in Hokkien and Teo Chew.


Mahesh Erukulla, MBA


Hyderabad, India


I have been involved in IT-related fields at a senior level for the past 10 years, at Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Microsoft, Ford and Catepillar. Since obtaining my MBA, I am working at a start-up as a product manager. I fully understand the needs of a start-up and my extensive experience can help match start-ups with the right partner.


I speak English fluently, as well as Hindi and Telugu.

Alice Pitoëff, MBA
Paris, France


With a dual experience in Business (MBA) and Art & Culture, specializing in photography, I have 7+ years experience in sales growth, business development (both in the B2C and B2B world), team management and customer relationship at medium sized companies and with start-ups.


Growing up in both South Asia and Europe enabled me to have a deeper understanding of cross-cultural communication and relationships. I have a thirst for challenges. I am best known for my ability to strategize and optimze any given situation. Furthermore, thanks to my extended global network, I can offer different perspectives with either management or strategic solutions to your business.


I am French-English bilingual

Cristian Fournies, MBA
Santiago, Chile


I am a strategic thinker with experience in leadership, business development, business strategy and coaching. In my professional career, I have worked as a manager in different start-ups; as a troubleshooter in bigger companies and I have coached many people, to help them solve their own personal professional problems.


Companies that succeed today are the ones that have team that are engaged and cross-functional. But they also understand how the business works across the globe. I have brought in new business by increasing market share through innovative solutions, such as through different partnerships with new and innovative engineering companies in Chile.


My global MBA give me an understanding of corporate realities and necessities, while my coaching certification and international experience allow me to have an enhanced understanding of human behavior, cultures and team dynamics.


I speak both English and Spanish natively.

Aleksey Malyshev, MBA
Saint Petersburg, Russia


I am an IT professional with specialization in telecommunications and financial software. I am well-versed in both developing software as well as leading teams to complete project-level software development.


I also have experience handling international teams and communicating with diverse client departments.


My MBA emphasis was on project management and I want to help companies create order and efficiency to enable their projects to succeed.


I speak both English and Russian with full professional proficiency, and German and Italian with social proficiency.

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