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Our Services

Imagine if your company can...
• gain a 60x increase in productivity through implementing a better communication technology
• ok, how about an 80x increase in productivity through a mobile app?
• leverage your pristine record in accounts payable for additional savings from your vendors
• reduce energy costs by up to 25% from all those servers that's heating up the server room
• gain additional income from your existing retail space
• increase cusrtomer loyalty by offering dynamic coupons at the point of sale
• obtain a higher rate of customer feedback
• stash your monthly profits in a place that is as liquid as a bank account, but also earns you some additiona revenue
IZE Innovation Group finds startups that work on helping reduce expenses or increase revenue. Our basic service is to present them to established companies. A 10% savings here, 15% savings there, 8% increase in revenue here, 6% increase there, and they add up to substantial net profits. That's what IZE can do for your company.
In addition, we help your company monitor the startup landscape to identify startups that could become the next thorn in the side of the company. Could that startup be thwarted? Perhaps acquired? At least you'll know of their existence and can act intelligently.
Competition is fierce. Every company, big or small, is now effectively a global company and have to fight against competitors located half way around the world. To stay one step ahead of the competitors, companies have to constantly innovate. But populating an in-house innovation department is expensive and highly risky. One failed innovation can severely damage the company's brand. (Think "Zune.") IZE Innovation Group can help you innovate for practically no money down. We broadcast your innovative wishlist out to the startup community and let them create it. Your company has real-time oversight and can pick and choose the winning startup to acquire or invest in, or just use.
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