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Membership with the IZE Innovation Group


The IZE Innovation Group, and its non-profit arm, IZE Innovation Labs, 

was started to take advantage of the unique asset of Hult International Business School students and graduates: an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, and an international presence.


Think of the IZE Innovation Group as your alumni association. But better. How much better? Let’s compare:

How it works


Now that you've seen the benefits that IZE can offer you, let’s see how it works. What will you do as part of IZE? Well, chances are you’re already doing it! That’s why it’s so simple. You’re already out there networking, meeting people, picking up business cards, so you’re doing what you need to do with IZE. When you’re at a networking event and strike up a conversation with someone, eventually, you and that person you’re talking with will arrive at a stage where something can be done for someone else. If that person is seeking some help from you, you can use IZE to make that assistance possible. If that person works at a start-up, get his contact on IZE to see how we can help his start-up succeed. If that person works at an established company or for a city or municipality, they may be looking for innovation. Help them find it through IZE.


There's more, of course. As you get more intimate with a start-up or an established company, you can then offer other services which they can compensate you for. Check out our fee structure page to see what and how much you can charge for.


As a member of IZE, you will learn from others and you will contribute your knowledge and experience to the group. We will learn from each other what are the best ways to succeed, what works and what doesn't.


IZE provides prepared documents and contracts to help you facilitate the consulting services. This ensures that you get compensated for the work you do, and the revenue sharing among all parties is fair and understood upfront.


As a simple business networking organization, you can put in as much or as little effort into participating Obviously, the less effort, the less likely that you will participate in any revenue generating transactions.


We have our own website, business cards and email accounts to offer you a more polished professional image when you go out to network. You are going out regularly to network, right? Since networking is part of your everyday life, the largest amount of work you do as part of IZE is already being done. So being a part of IZE, that work leverages the connection to hundreds of other fellow Hult graduates and now your networking worth is that much more powerful, and if things work out well, you will be compensated for your role in the whole transaction.


For many of you, being a part of IZE is a stepping stone to other jobs, careers and opportunities. But you do not need to leave IZE: your contributions and participation will always be compensated.


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