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The modern economy is global. Once you innovate, you must immediately consider how to globalize your prototype or else others around the world will copy it and eat into your profits. One of the safest and best way to quickly globalize is to partner or merge with an established global company. Such a strong company can help promote your product or service around the world and defend you against competitors.


We at IZE Innovation Group will help start-ups find the right partner who can benefit from the start-up's innovation and, in return, provide competitive protection and immediate global marketing presence.


Case study: A European-based company is using IZE Innovation Group to look into startups in Silicon Valley for ideas and leads. The company saves money by not having to establish an office in the San Francisco Bay Area, and can take advantage of the local knowledge to find interesting startups.


Conversely, startups in Northern Europe are now being introduced to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area for their novel products in marketing and data analysis.

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